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List of Speakers

1DenmarkWORKSHOPChristian Dinesen"What You Didn't Know About Closing Professional Athletes Performance Gap"
– How To Include The Human Life Cycle Of A Athlete And Inner Game For Improved Results.
2IndiaORAL PRESENTATIONDr Amrinder SinghEffect Of Increased Cadence On Neuromuscular Response And Lower Limb Kinematics In Middle Distance Runners
IndiaPOSTER PRESENTATIONDr Amrinder SinghEffects Of Flexi-Bar Training On Strength, Power And Neuromuscular Adaptation During Arrow Release In Archers
3ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr Loris PegoliChronic Scapholunate Lesions In Athletes
ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr Loris PegoliWrist And Hand Injuries In Kick Boxers
4ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr AlessandropozziA New Protocol To Prevent Pip Joint Synovitis In Climbers
5ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr Susini F / Dr AlessandropozziOveruse And Traumatic Conditions In Tennis Players
6EgyptORAL PRESENTATIONDr Sherif RizkallaSports Nutrition
7United KingdomORAL PRESENTATIONDr Ayse Basak CinarHealth Coaching: A New Person Centred Complementary Approach For Diabetes Type 2 Management At The Clinics
8MalaysiaORAL PRESENTATIONDr Rashidi Mohamed B Pakri MohamedSmoking Among Athletes
9ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr Eleonora ResnatiConservative Treatment And Prevention For Rock Climbing Hand Injuries
10Nigeria & GhanaORAL PRESENTATIONDominic Uzodimma IkwuagwuMental And Social Benefits Of Sports Participation In Africa
11IranWORKSHOPReza Rahimi-Moghaddam Incorrect and Harmful Exercises
12ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr Riva AssuntaA new hingedsplint for early mobilization after PIP surgery in athletes
13ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr Matera GLHow New Technolgies Can Support Athlete Rehabilitation Of The Wrist And Hand
14South AfricaORAL PRESENTATIONMoira Robertson Neurofeedback for the Enhancement of Athletic Performance
and Physical Balance
14South AfricaORAL PRESENTATIONMoira Robertson A Neurofeedback Approach to Improving at Golf and Other Sports
15ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONProf Dr Riccardo LuchettiPredynamic And Dynamic Scapholunatein Stability In Athlets: Treatment By Dorsal And Volar Capsulodesis
ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONProf Dr Riccardo LuchettiArthroscopic TFCC Repair In Young Patients
16ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr EpamelinUlnar motor branch entrapment in Alpine skiing
18MalaysiaORAL PRESENTATIONDato Dr Gurcharan SinghDoping in Major Sports Events and its Consequences
19MalaysiaORAL PRESENTATIONDato ShahabuddinUrinary Problems in Athlete
20IranPOSTER PRESENTATIONMeysam RaziAssessing the effectiveness of the FunctionalMovementScreen (FMS™) in predicting non-contact injury rates in soccer players
21MalaysiaORAL PRESENTATIONSeyedeh Nahal Sadiri
The Effect of 12-week Pilates Training on Flexibility, and Level of Perceived Exertion of Back Muscles among Karate Players
22ItalyORAL PRESENTATIONDr Mario Igor RosselloManaging An Extremely Severe And Complex Injury Involving Upper Limb, With A Subtotal Amputation Of The Right Hand
23JapanPOSTER PRESENTATIONFujishita HAssessment Of Muscle Contraction Changes In Quadriceps And Gastrocnemius Muscles After Continuous Single-Leg Counter Movement Jump
24JapanPOSTER PRESENTATIONMasanori MorikawaThe Effect of Elastic Rod Stiffness Within Shock Absorbing Pylon on Plantarflexion Moment at Loading Response Phase in Trans-tibial Prosthesis
25JapanPOSTER PRESENTATIONNorimmiThe Acute Effect Of Cyclic Stretching On Muscle Hardness And Strength On Medial Gastrocnemius Muscle
26IranPOSTER PRESENTATIONKeyvanA Regression Model for Power of Brand and Customer Loyalty in Sport
27IranPOSTER PRESENTATIONRezaeiExperiential Marketing, Brand Personality, and behavioral Intentions: an Application in Sport’s marketing
28Saudi ArabiaORAL PRESENTATIONDr Majid Al-YamaniHarvesting Hamstring Tendon
29Hong KongORAL PRESENTATIONDr Jospehine Wing-Yuk IpUpper limb nerve injury in sports